I Believe

"We need to return to honor and respect being taught and expected in our schools."

"Our Nation and our State were founded on the principle of "IN GOD WE TRUST", and that each day in any public or state-funded building, whether schools or courthouses, the day should start with a moment of silence to remember our Creator."

"When our families left God out of their homes, the breakdown, which we are seeing today, occurred. This was further promoted when one atheist woman convinced the courts to take prayer out of schools. The majority thought it would never happen, but it did. It is time for the MAJORITY to stand up and say, "PUT IT BACK"! Together we can make a difference."

My Platform - As Your Governor, I will Support:


  • Local and State Law Enforcement
  • Legislation to never allow sanctuary city status in Tennessee
  • Legislation against transsexual bathrooms in state- or school-funded buildings; this invites assaults on the innocent.
  • The right as Governor to protect the businesses of Tennessee against looting during conditions of emergencies by calling in the State National Guard
  • The right as Governor to approve surveillance of any suspicious activity which could threaten the lives of Tennesseans
  • Incorporate greater state line security to stop the flow drugs into the State
  • Increased armed protection at malls, schools, sporting events, concerts and other events 


Legislation to:

  • turn the educational system back to each local county
  • make teachers' salaries more in line with the pay received by administrators
  • prohibit "social promotion", which does not help the child, but rather the scoring for the schools
  • provide schools with the adequate materials needed for each child to learn
  • return shop and skills training classes to schools throughout Tennessee
  • I DO NOT support common core in any form
  • "Limited school Choice" and  believe that education should be controlled within the State.
  • I will  work diligently to see that your "Tax Dollars"  are not spent educating illegal immigrants.


"I have  a rich history of veterans in my family my father, grandfathers, uncles and my grandson.  My family has suffered the loss of a nephew in Afghanistan and relates to families who suffer the ultimate sacrifice of a loved one serving our country during war. Veterans should have the respect & dignity to receive the best services ensuring the maintenance of a good quality of life. I believe in eliminating the roadblocks for veterans to receive services timely. I will fight for the rights of our veterans in Tennessee."

  • legislation to insure all Veterans have the medical care they need
  • legislation allowing veterans to choose their doctor
  • legislation to insure no veteran is homeless
  • Form a task force to seek jobs for veterans who wish to work

No Tax Increase

  • Legislation to repeal the new gas tax
  • Legislation to designate one half cent of the sales tax to roads and bridges; or a one-time fee of $5.00 on license plates
  • VETO any new tax proposed by the legislature
  • I am excited about the Line Item VETO rights of The Tennessee Governor, seeing this as a way to "Throw out the Pork"!


  • Form a task force to better advertise Tennessee as the best place to have a business
  • Review/Replace the present Tennessee Workers Compensation law, which destroyed small business
  • Offer incentives for tax credits to small and large business
  • Creating jobs for those on welfare to perform before dispersing taxpayer money, unless totally disabled

Rebuilding Lives

  • Incentives for non-violent criminals to have a chance to rebuild their lives by learning a skill with on-the-job training and a five-year program, which will expunge their record once completed
  • Foster care extended until the child graduates, provided they stay in school
  • Better oversight to insure all children in foster homes are not mistreated and foster money is spent for their care

1st Amendment - Freedom of Religion & Speech

  • Freedom of speech in churches without fear of losing tax-erxempt status

2nd Amendment - Our Right to Keep & Bear Arms

  • Constitutional carry, with the exception of immigrants with less than 5-years citizenship must have a background check before purchasing a firearm
  • Encourage churches to have armed watchmen to protect worshipers

United States of America & the Tennessee Constitutions

  • The only laws for our Tennessee court system

"Let's not let Tennessee become indifferent to the teachings of God which made us great. Our children should leave our educational system with one bible verse that is instilled in them every day - 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me'". 

  • Vote for the last name on the ballot for Governor,
  • making me the first Woman Governor,
  • first Non-Establishment Governor, and
  • first Governor from Northeast Tennessee in the history of Tennessee!