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Reuters Article: Kay White a Tennessee State Delegate represents Rep. Donald J Trump at the Cleveland convention


By James Oliphant and Amy Tennery | CLEVELAND 

“We’re  not electing a husband, we’re not electing a preacher, we’re electing a  leader,” said Kay White, a Republican delegate to the nominating  convention from Tennessee who originally supported U.S. Senator Ted Cruz  of Texas in the early nominating contests, or primaries.For White, it’s a one-issue election. “Security,” she said. “Nothing else matters.”

Kay White Local Tea Party activist in charge of Santorum's Tennessee Campaign


A local Tea Party activist is now in charge of GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum's campaign in Tennessee.     

Kay  White confirmed Friday Santorum's campaign asked her to take the  position.  She helped organize a trip to Washington for Glenn Beck's Tea  Party rally back in 2010.  Santorum's campaign was revived by a strong showing in Iowa.  He is  currently campaigning in New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday’s primary there. 

Kay White the East Tennessee Director for the Donald J Trump Presidential Campaign 2016 "It's all about Loyalty .... "Sticking with her Candidate"


Tea party leader White supports Trump through controversies and bad poll numbers

Tony Casey   • Updated Oct 11, 2016 at 5:14 PM       
Less than a month away from the Nov. 8 election, Kay White is sticking with her candidate. 

  As the East Tennessee Chairman for Donald Trump, White is clear with  her reasons for going with the billionaire businessman over former  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “With Hillary, America is on the road to total collapse; with Trump,  we will rebuild America,” White said in an email to the Press. “My  answer is without any reservation, ‘yes,’ because I am tired of the way  America is heading and I want my children, grandchildren and  great-grandchildren to be safe. “Our freedoms are at stake in this election and one of the biggest  freedoms that Hillary wants to take away is our right to keep and bear  arms. She has said it and she will do it.” According to a new NBC News and Wall Street Journal poll  — conducted during the weekend before the second presidential debate —  Clinton has a double-digit lead over Trump. The poll’s numbers show 46  percent of voters are in support of Clinton; whereas Trump has the  support of 35 percent.    This doesn’t phase White, who said she also carries the claim of  being one of the founders of the National Tea Party for Trump  organization. Even with recent poll numbers and controversies, including  the recent release of a 2005 video in which Trump says he believes he  could use his high level of celebrity to grope the genitals of women  without their permission, White is still in support of her candidate. Repeating the label Trump applied to his words in Sunday’s debate,  White said the kind of “locker-room talk” Trump used is “gossip, drama  and spicy details” used by the Clinton campaign to divert from the  truth. White said what Trump said is common among male politicians, that  no national politician is exempt from what she calls “sin.” “It would be my guess that there are no politicians in Tennessee or  in Washington, D.C., without sexual sin, either committed or those who  have had thoughts about it or other thoughts not pleasing to God,” she  said. White equated Trump’s comments — which some are calling criminal sexual assault — to thoughts of unfaithfulness and lust. “If Trump's comments were criminal, which is a joke, our jails would  not hold all of those criminals,” she said. “And I guess many women who  have expressed words about certain men and their ‘attributes’ would need  to be in jail also, and then the women who have called other women  filthy names, as Hillary has done, should share the same jail cells!” Locally, White said she doesn’t support politicians’ decisions to  raise taxes to pay for East Tennessee State University’s proposed fine  and performing arts center. She contended most taxpayers will never  visit that facility and it’s a penalization of the area’s working  people. Her solution would be to charge an admittance fee instead. On the national level, White said our representatives aren’t strong  enough on illegal immigration. She said Congress continues to raise the  national debt limit and American tax rates go up because of it. Many attempts to reach Sharon Fletcher Boreing — president of the  Washington County Republican Women group — for comment on this story  over two days were unsuccessful.