• "I am a native of Tennessee with a long heritage of family members born and raised in East Tennessee. I was raised to respect your elders, love my God and be kind to others.
  • Throughout my life I have always been passionate about my home state, the people and this country. It has been painful to witness the decline of leadership and more importantly forgetting the people's voice. I felt God strongly leading me to contribute my time and experience to this position as your Governor.
  • Tennessee needs someone with integrity, wisdom and strength to tackle the big issues in Nashville and drain our own swamp in Tennessee. Those that know me know I will be a leader who will make tough decisions to return us back to our Tennessee roots. I believe without God we are nothing and in my experience prayer can change people; can change the course of a state and make us prosperous once again.
  • Personally, I have witnessed several miracles in my life involving immediate family members and life threatening illnesses. At times it seemed, there was little hope; however, it changed with prayer and faith.
  • We the people of Tennessee have hope for the healing of our families, repairing the damage of a declining government body and leading us on a stronger more productive path, and, in turn, promoting prosperity for our children's futures. We must put God back in our government for the answers in rebuilding this great State of Tennessee."
  • Kay has listened to people's ideas of the changes they want in Tennessee's State Legislature. "As Governor, I want to bring the voice back to its people, the power back to our churches and our law enforcement, while instilling God's values back into the core of our state legislature."
  • Her personal, business and political experiences she brings to the table are remarkable. She attended East Tennessee State University, was a small business owner, a former Co-Owner and Bookkeeper of a 485-acre farm, the former Co-owner of the Mountaineer Restaurant. She is currently a realtor in the Tri-Cities Region of Tennessee. Kay is known for her loyalty, ethics and honesty in business and fosters deep convictions. "We are all blessed by God to be born in America and living in the State of Tennessee."
  • She has served on the Hawkins County Economic Development Board and has held Volunteer positions with hospitals, handicap centers, and committees geared toward improving the community.
  • Kay has contributed many hours assisting youth to set and accomplish their goals.  She was a member of the Belmont Baptist Church, and taught Sunday School for 20 years at the First Baptist Church of Church Hill. She was active in the Women's Church group and a member of Life Fellowship. Other work includes the Kingsport, TN Mission Center, Youth Groups and Bible conferences. During her youth she attended Bancroft Bible Camp for eight years.
  • Kay ran for Congress in 1995 & 1997 and since this time she has built an extensive, political-experience, background.
  • She is the wife of Doug White, former owner of White's Fresh Foods and several other corporations, all of which were Tennessee based entities. Kay is a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.
  • Kay is a Pro-Life, Constitutional, Christian, Conservative with experience, love and devotion for the State of Tennessee and its people. Her platform on issues can be found by selecting the ISSUES tab. For the latest in political news about Kay, click on NEWS.
  • "I would be honored to serve as your Governor of Tennessee." 


Kay White, candidate for Governor of Tennessee is passionate about her country and the beautiful state of Tennessee. Her perspective is each person can make a difference with the right determination, spirit and experience. She will be a strong leader and not afraid to stand up for your beliefs and tackle the big issues in Nashville as your Governor. Kay would like to be your candidate of choice and one who serves you, the people of Tennessee, as your next Governor.

Political Experience

  • Candidate for U.S. Congress in 1995 and 1997
  • Organized the Tri-City Tea Party State Representative Joe Carr's Bid for the Senate
  • State Campaign Director and Manager for President Elect Rick Santorum (moving his campaign from 4th place to sweeping the Great State of Tennessee)
  • National Grassroots Chairman for Ted Cruz - Stand for Principle PAC organizing 27 states.
  • East Tennessee Campaign Director for President Donald J. Trump
  • State Delegate at large for Donald J. Trump's presidential campaign at the RNC Convention in Cleveland, OH
  • East Tennessee Director for 2012 Presidential Candidate, Herman Cain, Fox News Contributor

Represented & Worked on the following Candidate Campaigns 

  • Congressman Jimmy Quillen
  • State Representative Matthew Hill
  • State Representative Micah Van Huss
  • State Representative Tim Hill
  • State Senator Rusty Crowe
  • State Senator Ron Ramsey - Senatorial Bid and Governor's Race over two winning counties.
  • State Representative Tony Shipley
  • Former Congressman David Davis
  • Congressman David Roe
  • Treasurer for Forrest Boreing, candidate for county tax assessor
  • Organized Groups to OUST Congressman Rick Boucher, who fought against Coal Mining
  • Member of the National Tea Party Patriots  

Community Service, Awards & Volunteer Experience  

  • Holston Valley Hospital Volunteer   
  • First Baptist Church Sunday School Teacher 20 years   
  • Kingsport Women's Symphony Group
  • Kingsport Junior League Member    
  • Colonel Aide de Camp awarded by Gov Phil Bredesen   

Sales and Achievement Awards

  • Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors - Southern Region Gold Executive Realtors Award
  • Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors - Southern Region Diamond Executive Realtors Award
  • 1980s Church Hill Housing Authority Board
  • Served on the Hawkins County Industrial Board for 9 years  
  • Volunteered at the Palmer Center for Handicapped Individuals  
  • Member and Officer of the Kingsport Christian Women's Club